By Mandy Rogers

Seems like her former stint with Taio Cruz has had a lasting
impression on Ke$ha, yep forthcoming single “Die Young” is quite the eruption
in circles of similarity to the twice crowned ASCAP Song Writer Of The Year’s
club banging chant “Dynamite”.

And also another thing! Now we know how Ke$ha passed her
exams, the habits hard to break obviously.I mean scrawling her lyrics all over
her limbs. To the back of the class Ke$ha!

Opps sorry forgot for a moment it’s trashy pop queen Ke$ha
we’re talking about, what was I expecting, certainly wasn’t going to be
refinement was it!

Die Young” heads the campaign for her forthcoming sophomore
album “Warrior” which is citied to present that, she can sing she can, she can
REALLY sing! and well, she’s
demonstrating this upfront via this semi-inspiring lyric video.

Die Young - Ke$ha