If you managed to dodge Joel Adams insanely catchy track “Please Don’t Go” over the past 12 months, then you’ve been probably been on some kind of prolonged social media detox. The young Australians buzz track has picked up a gargantuan amount of attention and furthermore, for those of us who haven’t wished to become blindsided at the sight of Joel’s adorable face, we are the people who have been chomping at the bit to hear more.

If you had your wits about you however, you’ll have made it your mission to log onto Joel’s livestream this summer of his debut London gig. Pop lovers would not have been left disappointed at Joel’s command and capabilities throughout. I would have gladly stumped up a few £’s for a ticket, it was far more engaging than some established artist’s gig’s I’ve been too.

With expectations high and every inch impressed at the potential Joel Adams has as his disposal, the waiting game for the follow-up single commenced. Riding on the power of “Please Don’t Go” for a year had to end its run and give way to something else. This something else has arrived in a new taster track “Die For You” which Joel recently unleashed to his fans for feedback.

Don’t go expecting “Please Don’t Go” part two, it’s time to show-off a little of Joel’s versatility and more of the developing singer/songwriter he’s become. The radio-friendly vibe remains prominently in evidence whilst, the vocals expand in tonality and overall musicality. He’s banked a fair quantity of songs that are now up for consideration for the debut album, so we might be set for more teasers on the way. But ultimately Joel is asking and taking on-board feedback from his fans, who will most essentially be the ones who make him or break him as a success. On the back of the two existing tracks Joel Adams continues to move forward in a positive direction to my mind.

Download “Die For You” on Bandcamp.