I have very much missed not having any new Frankmusik tracks to talk about. Strictly, on “Desire” Vincent is the guest vocalist but no matter it’s quite possible he’s had a hand in on the production as well (although, can’t be sure for definite.) The tune is primarily the brainchild of Nu-disco, French-house, funkster, DJ and Producer Louis La Roche. I’ve encountered his work quite a few times because of a band I was once crazy about (Girl Friend) and the Del Marquis (Scissor Sisters) and Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light) collaboration of Slow Knights.

La Roche originates from my neck of the woods, over the border in Norwich. In all honesty, I never realised that was, fact until now. I am excited even more to take note of this because my little blot on the English landscape isn’t well-known for fostering much electronic-pop talent. I am stunned by this revelation but only half as much a measure, as I am impressed by the smooth grooved effort “Desire.”

The synths are melodic and driven on this track, alternate between sweeping chords and proffering an upbeat dance directed vibe. The hook is so smoothly done, creating a stellar, sublime moment of pop and dance music crossover. When Frankmusik croons, I intently listen, it has always been this way since stemming from “3 Little Words,” and in the present when he’s singing about being caught in desire, on this perfect little pop song. Lifted off Louis forthcoming album “Saturday Night Griever” (a title which acknowledges the closures of small clubs and music venues which has been happening up and down the land.) The track with its soulful vibe emits slick chemistry as it turns up the funk and gets down with the filtered nu-disco sound. Where exactly does the focus lie on this track,? With two incredibly talented producers who are undoubtedly working at their very best.

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