One time, electronic music sensation Wingtip has been involved with a fair few collaborations. During the early part of the musician’s career team-ups, with Youngr and morgxn, and joint songwriting efforts with Lauv instantly spring to mind. Latterly though, the multi-talent has edged towards establishing himself as an all encompassed performer, instead. Taking on pretty much everything from songwriting, production and stepping into the role of vocal lead. These days, Nicholas Perloff-Giles, aka Wingtip, is tackling the indie-pop model, full-on with his inescapably catchy new track “Demons.”

He first began making waves in 2016. August 14th, 2020 his debut album “All Your Friends Are Here” arrives. When I heard “Demons” the current lead-in single. I not only noticed the change in style, but it was the first time I’ve absolutely, felt he’s onto something under his new indie-pop making guise.

What makes this track stand proud of its predecessor’s? I feel a lot comes down to the use of melody, and the creation of an earworm worthy, hook. (Which quickly makes light work of burrowing its way into the memory bank.) Catch a quick listen to track. At a moments notice you’ll more than probably find yourselves whistling it back, out aloud. I would have assumed, once fashioning a refrain, as infectious as a dose of flu, the track would have come together pretty quickly. Not so, Perloff-Giles left a comment on his social media, that ” this song took the better part of 2 years to finish.”

“It’s a song with a really straightforward sentiment about opening up to someone, but I wanted to make it feel personal and specific. The sonic challenge of the song was about keeping only exactly what was needed while still keeping it sounding full… It was the beginning of the transition away from the busier electronic stuff I worked on earlier,” he explains.

It’s, not like the first time, Wingtip has struck upon the right amount of quirky, uplifting melody, teamed with an interesting, narrative in the lyrics. But feel, he is sure to draw praise with “Demons” because once heard the jaunty rhythm which runs through the track will be firmly encoded into, listener’s brain cells for all time.

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