The London based alt-pop duo STAY GLDN made a good impression with their debut release “Bloom.” The blissful haze-pop track premiered with us last year. (Check out our feature HERE). I had hoped Anders and Thom of the band would follow up swiftly and bring us more new music. As I sure have an appetite for more of their dreamy brand of emotive alt-pop. The Bristol-based duo is back with their sophomore single, “Dead Ends, Fake Friends.” A track equally, as delightfully, addictive as their debut.

At the first glimpse of this duo, I thought STAY GLDN were onto something special. This second track “Dead Ends, Fake Friends,” proves my thinking as correct. Their subtle, soft, pop style is definitely obsession-worthy. This duo reminds me of bands like St. Lucia, Aquilo, and Gypsy & The Cat as examples that produce gorgeous soundscapes.

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Delving deeper into the lyrics of the track, STAY GLDN says…

“”Dead Ends, Fake Friends” is a bittersweet track about growing up in a small town with no prospects, not feeling like you belong, yet it still shapes the very person you are today. Even when you have moved away from your hometown those, old memories come back to haunt you and affect your ability to build new relationships.”

The band have also put together a little vizualizer for the release. The clip shows Anders and Thom driving around their hometown in an 80s inspired short film. They are in full-blown reminisce mode as they retrace the familiar journey back home.

From the minute I heard STAY GLDN, I liked what they’re bringing to the pop landscape. Their music has a satisfying, lushness that envelopes me just as a warm hug does.

Take a four-minute break with STAY GLDN today and luxuriate in the soothing alt-pop music they create. In so doing, I am sure you will also be swooning over this emerging duo the same way as I am.

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