The last time I caught up with KEHLI, the rising alt-pop singer-songwriter made a good impression with her addictive pop track, “Lose U Now.” In this song, she appeared notably carefree when singing about finally allowing herself to connect to the feeling of letting love in. However, being carefree does not imply she is a soft touch. Notably, KEHLI is not one to contradict herself when her mind is made up. How can I be so sure about these things? The reason is that the Irish pop starlet has now dropped off her follow-up track “Dead Body“. A ‘release anthem’ created from the aftermath of a toxic relationship. In the song narrative, she is very clear about setting boundaries and knowing your self-worth.

To further explain “Dead Body“, KEHLI says…

“This song closed a very long, overdue chapter for me, which really, never should have started in the first place! But, what I’ve taken from that experience, is now knowing what I DON’T want in a relationship, and I’m spelling it out!”

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This turnaround, KEHLI, emotes the rush of self-confidence. In the song’s lyrics, she is bold and uncompromising in her conviction. The attempts to woo her back with flowers, dinner dates, etc., by the person who did her wrong. She is super keen to make an example of these token efforts and has only one thing to say to them. “Over my dead body!”

The tone of the song lyrics makes it strikingly apparent. A change of direction from her otherwise bright, upbeat pop sound to a power pop style is the way to go in this feisty pop anthem. In her stunning vocal performance, KEHLI gives us a close-up look at her diverse vocal range. Furthermore, this acknowledges she is more than capable of both sass and the softer pop sensibility, (the latter of which she has already established).

KEHLI’s debut London headline show is at The Sebright Arms on 27th April (Tickets HERE). She will also perform at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton in May.

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