Lindburgh Palace

By Mandy Rogers

I was alerted to this track and rising Brooklynite band Lindbergh Palace when emailed by Johan Agebjörn to notify me of his remix of the track.

The remix itself is so good, but first, since they are new to me, I’d like to delve in and give out a little background on the band themselves, behind the track.

Coming from the Brooklyn hot-bed of  New York electronica, over the past year Lindbergh Palace steered primarily by Leah Hayes and J.B. Benedict of a foursome also comprising of Josh Harris and Alex Hamadey have picked up notable acclaim for their dark and stirring levelled brew, drawing heavily on Scandinavian inspiration of bands like The Knife, Bjork, and Robyn.  By looking to and learning from these Scandinavian peers, they had the recipe right from the offset, as debut single “Scary” was picked up and featured on hit TV show “Ringer”.

From this fruitful beginning, the band have continued to bolster their catalogue of tracks. “Days Don’t Fade” is hotly delivered from the band’s freshly released “Rollerskater EP” which in turn boasts 6 tracks of similarly synth attractive cuts of glacially pleasing ambience that nod in the right direction of a band that we should ourselves begin giving more notice too.


Johan Agebjörn and Le Prix lend a splash of italo disco flourish into the mix on "Days Don't Fade" which you may download for FREE below, whilst further remixes will be forthcoming from Alaca and Fear Of Tigers.

Colour us excited!