Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth

It seems over the summer Grammy award winning French DJ and producer David Guetta has slipped into a sleek new style arrangement, noted when he first launched upon it with the recent release of the country and western inspired “Lovers On The Sun”. It is quite definite that David intends to shake it up further as he has just revealed the follow-up release “Dangerous” and made available details of his upcoming 6th studio album “Listen”, which is to see a worldwide release on the 24th November.

Again in collaboration with powerpop suited vocalist Sam Martin, David charters a spectrum of dynamic composition featuring an intro of fitted of intriguing piano and strings, which in turn creates a mood fuelled with anticipation as to where it is that the track is leading.

As a corn kettle of popping synth sound is revealed “Dangerous” takes on an almost symphonic stature, an electronic opus no less.

We can’t skimp on Sam Martin’s part in all this, as his vocals are splendidly on-point and act as the glue that binds David’s creative electronic dexterity together.

Oh yes and Sam Martin has really proved to be quite a find for David, I would never have thought this possible of him since remembering his previously “Power Happy” zany exploits with Con Bro Chill that I wrote about a couple of years ago.