You’ve made your Christmas playlists and enjoyed listening to them many times. Now it is time to put Mariah, Wham!, Justin and Band-Aid, et al., to bed again until next year. When the festivities kick in once more. Instead, for now let us concentrate on one of the first anticipated album releases of 2023. If you are wondering… this is “Diamonds & Dancefloors,” the sophomore long-player of Ava Max. This being the follow-up to the singer-songwriter’s 2020 debut album “Heaven & Hell“. Since looking at the official charts. These also reveals to me, that the majority of the UK pop audience in the run-up to Christmas was gleefully filling their ears up with Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande or Leona Lewis. Meaning, therefore crucial single releases have dipped under the radar. Seemingly as such. A fate that has happened with Ava’s latest Abbaesque offering, “Dancing’s Done“.

It isn’t for the lack of trying to put “Dancing’s Done,” her latest electrifying pop cut, on the radar of music listeners. Because afterwards. She unleashed a sparkly visualizer within a day or so of the audio stream dropping. The situation has arose simply because of the holidays. Since these are when everyone’s attention is diverted in multiple directions. Increasingly more so than what would happen otherwise in daily life. Meanwhile, on her Instagram. Sees Ava undeterred. She is already posting “12 days of Diamonds & Dancefloors“. These are teaser clips of other tracks from the upcoming album.

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The track “Dancing’s Done” acts as the biggest reveal of what the album title, “Diamonds & Dancefloors” suggests. This is seemingly in light of the song’s direct reference to partying on a club dance floor. The unbridled joy this evokes. The instant urgency to act in an uninhibited manner and with hedonism. The allure of passion and romance. All of this takes place when music and the moment at once bubble over.

The question the song lyrics ask …

“People like you and me are born to run. So where we going when the dancing’s done”.

Not only does “Dancing’s Done” exhibit an epic dance floor sound. Has stylistically strong 80s electro-pop vibes. It is a track that makes no excuse for what it is. With relish. It is a song about love and lust. Although not necessarily in that order.

The album ”Diamonds & Dancefloors” is out January 27th via Atlantic Records. PRE-Save HERE

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