Gemini 1

Electronic artist Gemini has given us music fueled cause for concern lately. In a good way, may I hasten to add.

The self defined, creative force that is Thomas Slinger has dropped off two singles already in the lead up to his debut album “Wanderlust”. They have been diversely coloured as the world landscape itself and give a very good indication of what the culturally influenced longer player’s impending arrival will further bring to light.

Showcasing a myriad of skills and stylizing, Gemini’s “Wanderlust” promises to be an expedition of sonic mastery that will broaden the electronic pop spectrum with a cinematically visual insight, but staged through sound.

Thus far, we’ve encountered dynamically embracing, folktronic dance pop on “Time To Share”, coupled with majestically serviced, string steeped anthem “Do It For Love” yet, as we wade in on the third offering “Dancing Clouds” it takes on the rather more restrained form of a sonically layered ballad.

Downbeat doesn’t have to be any the less colourless though and Slinger is all to worldly wise and teched-up to prove that he isn’t going to be shoved under the disciplines of a signature sound, to perpetually evolve.

Like the turn of the tide and the movement of the sun, everything about Slinger’s new approach to electronic pop making is viewed with an immersive saturation of the natural surroundings around him.

Much as “Dancing Clouds” might amass in unity only to be drifted apart by the forces of nature. When Slinger’s sonic mastery comes into play on “Dancing Clouds” it is aptly dreamy, evocative and beguiling.

For a limited time there’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of “Time To Share” going begging, so hop on it and feel the sun through its shimmery, pop presence.