by Raj Rudolph

He’s the hottest thing in the Ukraine right now and after falling head over heels for his last steamtacular video for “Lost In Love”, you can only imagine my delight to learn that Max Barskih is back with a new English song called “Dance”.

“Dance” also happens to be Max’s 2012 Eurovision semi-finalist entry for Ukraine and let’s just say this – I wouldn’t mind at all if he represented his motherland this year. Max Birskih is an incredible performer and you can bet I’ll be rooting for him to represent his little part of the world when Eurovision mania rolls around again this year.

What I love about Max Birskih is that he is properly brining back that New York City underground freestyle flavour to his eastern european pop. I just wish more American artists would do this instead of still trying to reinvent dubstep any which way they can…Bravo Max.