Since they’ve launched on the electronic pop scene only a mere matter of months ago, the Danish trio of Noréll have treated us to a couple of stellar tracks by way of “Howl” and “The Great Escape”. Both of which piqued our interest with some heightened fascination for their meticulously forged beats of creatively driven innovation.

It has come to our notice that Noréll have been working alongside fellow Danish pop innovator Kill J quite a bit, infact they’ve formed a close working alliance between them where they have been cross collaborating on each other’s material. However, in the case of new one “Damage Done”, the Copenhagener’s are going it alone and flying solo Noréll artistry, absolute.

In Kill J, Noréll have taken a master-class from one of Denmark’s most intriguing exports in the alternative pop genre. And further to this what the trio have taken away from this working partnership is resolute confidence in all that they come through with.

There is just enough measure of wintry cool bite that embeds itself into an enterprising elixir of dance fancible melody, steering its way into the twitchy beats that make up this gleaming, alternative sought anthem, to hold us captivated with Noréll’s all-round stomping fabulousity, that isn’t easily ignored.

They’ve hit a hat-trick on their first three offerings, expect nothing less that this will all bloom into a beautiful EP, at some point in the near future. We will be willing to put all our loose change in our Terramundi money jar on it.