It goes without saying, you can expect plenty of pride month coverage from us over the next few weeks. It is an important month on our calendar and we hope that more events celebrating LGBTQ+ life can go ahead as planned this year, than last. Whether it be during official pride month or on an alternative date during 2021. What is common of most pride events, is they launch with an especially penned anthem, right? It just so happens, ahead of the beginning of the celebrations, Saro an LA-based purveyor of pop-noir put out a melodically, sonic masterpiece. By way of the tender, affecting track “Daddy I Love Him.” It is both a fitting opener for pride month and an introduction to the confessional, stylized pop artistry of Saro.

Over Instagram Saro, shared “It feels great to finally feel comfortable enough to express myself in uninhibited ways.” Adding, “Daddy I Love Him” is “A song about forbidden love, snake tattoos, and pissing off your parents.” Is “inspired by Disney tropes and a boy my parents hated”.

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Saro (born Evan Windom) isn’t one to normally, embrace such bright electronic touches. With “Daddy I Love Him” being a hopeful, and positive piece in the guise of, a, love is love, anthem. The mood demands lightness and a catchy melody. This is new territory for Saro who you will find ordinarily ruminating using, haunting and darker stylized, electronic themes. Speaking about upcoming single releases which lead to a fall album he says,

“When people hear the new music, I want them to feel in tune with their emotions and feel pride in their individuality. Beauty, love, and even pleasure can be born from darkness, but you may have to shed a few boy tears along the way”.

An earworm-worthy track may be a new aesthetic for Saro, but he has knocked this one out of the park. I hope he will consider, continue adding a few lighter moments in with the bittersweet, mournful brand of alt-pop he has established for himself. Sometimes change is as good as a rest, or so they say. Nonetheless, keep switched onto Saro, he has the kind of vocal command that captivates, at first listen.

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