While I enjoy listening to pop and indie-pop songs. I have enjoyed hearing about a few new EQ Music blogworthy electronic-pop releases this week. I was mystified however, at the Gregory Dillon track “Crystalized.” When it was sent over to me as a synth-punk single. Since, when checking out the lead track of Gregory’s upcoming debut EP. I did not notice anything remotely of a punk aesthetic about it.

The description above doesn’t fit in with the song. Neither do I want to dwell on this point further than I already have nor spoil the song for us. Instead, let me say this. “Crystalized” explores an 80s synth-pop vibe while shining a light on the use of a vocoder. This style is a slight deviation for the internet sad boy icon Gregory Dillon, who has worked in an 80s synth-pop style on many of his previous track releases. Buzzy, brighter melodies and good use of analogue drum samples drives this track along.

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The press release gives us more interesting information about this track. It reads, “The lead single from Gregory’s upcoming debut LP, “Crystalized.” Confronts the moment the Brooklyn-based producer almost quit music, but was inspired to keep going by a mysterious hiker on his trip to the Grand Canyon.”

Gregory does not elaborate on the meaning behind the lyrics further. His goal with the song is to motivate listeners to draw out their own deeper meanings. Nevertheless, brought about by its amplified electronic-pop sound. Whilst, written about a personal experience that has happened recently in Gregory’s life. “Crystalized” is a compelling song that stands out as both pivotal and a transformational soundtrack at once.

While not completely, stepping away from the swooning 80s dream-pop. He takes his sound in an exciting new direction. My parting thoughts are such. “Crystalized” from Gregory Dillon sees him providing the listener with an instant hit. Hopefully we are all agreed?…

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