It was while clearing out my inbox, as I do at the end of every month. I realised I hadn’t written about the track “Crying On The Dance Floor” by Jessy Jones yet. The glittery disco track is one of three which, forms Jessy’s newly released EP “Sad Girl Disco Party”. But what I noticed with the EP was, it is of a disco sound, formed in a DIY aesthetic that also leans in heavily to its indie-pop tendencies. The release is a continuous build to the euphoric climax of the pure disco feels of “Crying On The Dance Floor“.

I got a bit confused with the moniker Jessy Jones. Jessica Vaughn (real name), has recorded under multiple names/projects (LACES, JPOLND, RVRSIDE). And also writes for other recording artists. Basically, with each different name, she records in a different style – Jessy Jones is her disco bitch alias “queer celebration project”. Where she slips on a purple wig and moreover creates sparkly pop releases albeit with a dash of sadness and a nod to dark emotions. The “messiness of life” as described in the press release.

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This concise but thought-provoking collection embraces confidence and independence while pushing through darkness and honouring one’s inner voice. “Why run away from yourself when you can dance it out?” Jessy states.

What does “Crying On The Dance Floor” have to, get me up on the dance floor, even if inside I don’t feel like dancing?… shimmery synths, mirrorball appeal. A glittery melody bound by a driving beat, and feel-good vibes too inviting resist. Quite honestly, the grooves here are so dance-inducing. I would clear a space in the living room without hesitation, just to twirl myself around giddily to this 80s sprinkled, confetti pop track.

The EP “Sad Girl Disco Party” is streaming on Spotify, check it out HERE

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