Luna Shadows Press Photo

Cry Wolf” by L.A. newcomer Luna Shadows, is a prettily twinkling synth-pop ditty of the kind that La La land is particularly abundant with producing.

Leaning heavily on a dependently dreamy, saccharine sweet vocal, it charts familiarized electronic pop territory which has become known as the new modern where NY is concerned and as such plays kinda closely to type.

Maybe the all-round accomplished creative force behind it is merely testing the waters though? As what the track lacks a tad in originality see’s the short-fall compensated by its richly giving electronic warmth.

As an artist debut, “Cry Wolf” won’t set the world alight on Luna Shadows just yet, but has definitely set the ball rolling in a simmeringly attractive light.

Like a blackened sky with evening stars peeking through, Luna Shadows is in part living true to her adopted artist name. When the clouds disperse and the sun comes out on this project, I think we might be open to dipping our toe into these synthy waters some more.

For now we connect with lyrically crushing undertones and luxuriate in the lush electronic pop layering which is played out before us, waiting out the slew of promised material to arrive. As we do so, we can snap up a FREE DOWNLOAD of this balmy synth-pop delight.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Cry Wolf” by Luna Shadows