Fickle Friends

Rising newcomer talent doesn’t come more indie-pop blessed than Brighton five piece outfit Fickle Friends.

A band who have been circulating on the periphery of the new music scene. Whilst, all but championing a home grown aesthetic, working up their creativity together as an unsigned concern has in-turn born dividends, landing them their biggest gig. An inking with Polydor.

There has always been something particularly pop-hearted within Fickle Friends cut of music making and ideology to be honest, which held the capacity to grow it a step further to being even more special.

Overseeing the unleashing of new single “Cry Baby”, the band have landed themselves their most infectiously memorable track to date. More fired up with synth’s than they’ve ever been heard to enter into before. The sunny melody through-out is all killer with the dance-pop vibes whilst, possessing a funky bass line like nothing that’s been heard since Nik Kershaw’s lesser known third album “Radio Musicola” funked-up the discerning electronic pop lives of Nik Nutters way back in 1986.

Between Bright Light Bright Light’s latest album and this new single from Fickle Friends, we’ve truly been plunged into a rabbit hole of 80’s pop coutured sound which is the closest representation of that exact point time itself.

For those that lived it especially, it’s sure to rekindle with a passion all sorts of memories of hanging out at the record store, spending absolute hours among the tiers of vinyl discs on display. Oh those days of gatefold and digipak packaged wonderment, lost now to audio streaming. That’s the way of progress, new digital age consumerism and our craving for living life with our homes less cluttered with material objects!