Echo Foster

By Mandy Rogers

Little is known concerning Miami newcomer urban pop artist Echo Foster, although regardless of this, his smooth new tune “Crash On You” is
doing sensationally well on the YouTube, as brought to my attention by EQ
reader Jenny Alister
, who inquired did I know anything of him.

Happens, Echo Foster has already bleeped up on my EQ radar
slightly earlier this year, when we had some cryptic promo roll in for a track
titled “Somebody Told Ya”  feat Logic MC (a producer / radio broadcaster and Hip Hop artist out of Miami).

My first thoughts on this initial track, was that it showed
some promise, but felt that the vocal needed some tightening up, also I wasn’t
sold on the rap sections. To be honest, to receive little or no information on
an artist drives me particularly crazy.

That is past news!

As brought to us by EQ reader Jenny, Echo Foster has arrived
back on the internet! much slicker, much sounding like an artist that is ready
to launch and in a nutshell just all around much much better.

New track “Crash On You” is an urban tidy effort that
radiates with warmth and that special ingredient of good. 

The mystery of exactly who Echo Foster is still remains
though, without no social networking activity other than YouTubeEcho
sure has received a whole ton of love spread on “Crash On You” already, quite how this happening without the online presence of a fan base I don't rightly know, but anyway all's sounding good this time around for Echo Foster