Sam Sure

I recently ensured that we jumped on the Sam Sure bandwagon, as we recently came to recognise the emerging singer / songwriter through his quite impressionably electronically chilled, sonic sounding lament “Hunger”.

In the space of a few short weeks since we first posted about Black Butter Records newest signee, Sam’s toured with Years & Years and uploaded “Cracks” a new buzz worthy track, which has quickly gravitated from blogosphere to radio play.

A buzz track whereby, wafts of ominous synth padded sound are broken by Sam’s quite emotively centred vocals giving way to another nocturnally met introspective derived out of a relationship which has seemingly dissolved.

Some of the best songs are those that rise up out in therapy of a painful experience. For all the broody woefulness that is encapsulated by the atmospheric sound, it is again Sam’s riveting vocal that shines out like a star.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Cracks” by Sam Sure (via Annie Mac Presents – Soundcloud)