By Mandy Rogers

When all things dubstep first began thrusting things at us,
I was like whoa NO! with the wobblies, but as it’s increasingly filtering it’s
way into the mainstream, on occasion I’ve found myself to have been won over
into submission by the sub woofers. It still all can’t be whhhaaa whhhhaaa
though, just a little wiggle here and there and it gets the message across,
quite adequately in my opinion.

You sure know an accomplished hand when you hear it, dub
pioneer Skream lifts a seductive screen on dubstep to reveal a sleek minimalist
aesthetic on collaborative effort “Copy Cat”. 
Teaming up with Kelis who positively purrs this one out in her
provocatively ravishing come to bed tones.

Meeoooowwwww, we are feline this one in it’s restful spliced
state of beats and mind bending.