Listen to “Controller” by Hercules and Love Affair ft Faris Badwan

The new Hercules and Love Affair collab with The Horrors, Faris Badwan hits the spot with its sleek culmination of 80’s new wave and 90’s house beats.

Much jamming and slam funking around at the disco to be had to “Controller”. The addition of Faris on the vocals elevates this track beyond the confines of the club, much owing to his moody delivery and the way in which it encompasses a whole grittier dimension.

Controller” has me thinking, if Röyksopp had added a vocal to “Epel” would they not both be in-parts comparatively similar?

Intoxicatingly hot, though and fine fettled of pounding, hypnotic value with it. Eargasm is a word that hasn’t been used on EQ for some time now, but deem it a suitably fitting term to bring out in summing up “Controller”.