Have I missed something? like, when have the Irish been so into making hyper-pop? I began to notice this hot trend was a thing when recently introduced to the Apollo Monroe track “Soda Pop.” And now it seems more Irish artists are pursuing the same colourful, glitchy pop stylings. Dropping soon, the “I Don’t Party Enough Anymore” EP (releasing May 7th) is a genre-bending transatlantic pop project between two queer artists. Irish glam-pop artist Jack Rua and American hyper-pop artist Saint Taint. The opening EP track “Contact” is also the first track they wrote together. A frank, lyrical confession piece about, “wanting, needing, craving physical intimacy,” said Jack. Ergo, the track which jack describes as “quarter-life crisis swan-song” talks about escaping the COVID reality and having a one-night stand.

“We wanted to capture the feeling of being alone in your bedroom all night and aimlessly scrolling social media and dating apps, so the verses kind of echo that quiet moment of intimacy before the chorus lets you in to see the internal frenetic desperation of desiring something that you can’t have”.

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They are nothing but blatantly being honest. This direct approach clearly works. It drew me in. The track sounds so fresh and undoubtedly takes its musical cues from A.G. Cook. If that doesn’t instantly make it cooler than most, I don’t know what else would. However, I do look forward to the day the onslaught of songs written about our experiences of being in isolation fades out. Because of, meaning, life is getting back to normal. As interesting accounts of what being in isolation has felt like “Contact” by Jack Rua ft Saint Taint is a fluoro-fuelled, mind trip. Fired by sizzling energy and idiosyncratic quirks. They are setting us up for the big May 7th drop of the “I Don’t Party Enough” EP by establishing an intoxicating sound that radiates sonic colours and oozes charm and flamboyancy. Are you ready? Jump-start a new music obsession with Jack Rua, go ahead take a listen.

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