Yelle continues to be one of those acts whose handling of quality pop music transcends with global applause regardless that its content is spoken in French and therefore, may not be so readily interpreted by everyone.

Myself a non-French speaker and having no clue as to what “Complètement Fou” the lead / title track of off the upcoming 3rd studio album is about, however, can justly identify and appreciate a good pop song moreover, for what it is.

That’s the thing with Yelle, the music speaks up for itself!

Having seen cult-like success with their previous efforts, Yelle now go in for a bigger time splash of production on the new album with the famed Katy Perry and Britney and Kesha producer Dr Luke on board.

Whilst being seen as a surprise collaborative move, it is one that instantly holds a wave of intrigue as to how this unlikely team-up pans out.

Will we be seeing Yelle go all out armoured in Dr Luke’s known shiny mega pop model? Or might the Yelle / Dr Luke material throw us a more amplified outlook of the outlandlish brand of electro-pop already in place by the band?

All signs appear to point towards the latter if the initial single drop of “Complèment Fou” is anything to go by, since it adheres to a combination made up of jutting piano refrains which are tethered together with a soupҫon of Daft Punk French house for good measure.