With roots in Nashville, indie singer/songwriter LINNEY headed west towards the hypnotizing bright lights of Los Angeles to write and record her upcoming pop-leaning EP after venturing through the world of country music for a few years.

With the backing of a successful PledgeMusic campaign, LINNEY is eager to tell stories and create music that will make listeners want to get up and dance. The artist has crafted a collection of infectious singles that she says will make fans feel alive, including the seven-track effort’s official second single “Coming Back For More“.

The new single is a simplistic pop tune inspired by a dysfunctional relationship and supported by 80s throwback production and a stellar vocal performance from the talented LINNEY. “Coming Back For More” is wrapped in mixed emotions as the artist contemplates taking back her lover after a few rocky, somewhat exhausting, experiences along the road.

Built around a catchy, chant-worthy chorus, the beauty of the recently released track is the artist’s narrative story telling, detailing that both of the parties may be a little bit insane to keep returning to a relationship that clearly does not work. “Leave the key under the mat, if you play nice I’ll take you back, think we’ve been here before, you keep coming back for more,” she delicately sings.

Coming Back For More” is a bittersweet pop experiment that is similar in style to the work of Tove Lo and Betty Who. LINNEY‘s delivery instantly recall Lo’s trademark vocals. However, she easily incorporates intriguing, radio-friendly elements into the single that allows her to craft a refreshing sound to call her very own. With a “dark vs. light” tone, the song will easily resonate with an array of new listeners.

“I want to be a voice. Not an echo,” the young artist says. “I believe music should have no boundaries. Therefore, over the past year and a half, I’ve been transitioning and preparing to rebrand myself as a pop artist. Pop music encourages artists to push the limits and release something fresh, new and exciting. I want to be contributing to a genre of music that welcomes change rather than discourages it.”

LINNEY is setting her sights on the pop-driven radio airwaves. With straightforward pop influences, a charming personality, relatable lyrical content and tracks such as “Coming Back For More“, she’s definitely on the right track.