Temperatures are starting to rise as world’s sexiest father and Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin is thankfully heating up the dancefloor once again with his newly released single, “Come With Me“, an uptempo dance track which differs greatly from his recent Spanish-language creations.

Filled with sexual innuendos that will make anyone start to sweat and a catchy pop beat that will have everyone rushing to the nearest nightclub, the new track marks the highly anticipated return of the dominate, seductive, Latin pop commander. The artist’s vocals are sultry and hypnotizing as he sings not-so-subtle lyrics about his desire to spend a lust-filled night with that special someone. “Your fingers on my trigger, you play it like a winner, you’re pulling me on top,” listeners will hear just as their heartbeat starts to race.

Come With Me” is a fantastic dance track with the Latin flare we have come to expect from the singer. When fans started contemplating what Martin‘s return to the club scene would sound like, this is the song they probably had playing in their mind. From the moment it begins, to the climatic soaring notes and satisfying ending, the sexy, infectious track keeps listeners intrigued and moving, wondering why it took Ricky so long to release a song of this caliber.

Following the 2011 release of his ninth studio album, this new single hopefully marks the beginning of a new album era that will have us sweating and constantly waiting for what’s to come next. As long as Martin remains in the recording studio, we at EQ will remain happy and satisfied.