Having heard “Mirror” by Russell Louder in June for the first time, I have been unable to get the track out of my head ever since. To sum up. The beguiling piece, haunting and exhibiting dark wave tones, stood out to me because of showing a musical maturity rarely seen in pop lately. Defying current pop conventions. A trend Louder is keen to continue on the follow-up track “Come Around“. In this track, Russell’s unique musicality and lyrical theme about falling victim to deception combine to form their own genre.

Russell’s use of synths is impressively bold and punchy on their second track release of the year. The track is steered by a somewhat gothic vibe. In essence. Like, what I have heard before in the music of Siouxsie and the Banshees. In all probability formed from an idea hailing from the beginning of the new-wave era yet sounds fresh today.

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“Often I find it hard to draw on musical influence for a particular song. I remember that the early demos for “Come Around” were created when I was listening to a lot of Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, and Dead or Alive,” Russell Comments.

In the song, Russell does not analyze their feelings, instead in the scenario,

“I used the writing of the song as a space for imagining what the other could have been thinking or strategizing”. They said when discussing the themes of foul-play and the unwitting victim.

The song is a mixture of many things. A lyrical narrative laced with strong-willed sentiments that lend well to cold hard facts. Since when interpolated with the almost folk-style delivery of Russell’s, voice exhibits eclectic and compelling presence.

Russell Louder offers up a boundary-pushing sound unlike anything else out there right now. A melding of synth-pop, and new wave serving gothic influences. They are quickly carving out a new musical path worth watching out for.

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