You’ll remember Torine is a new name out of Norway, she was brought to my notice earlier this year via her track “Make U Cry.” Whereas other Norwegian singers I’ve covered on this blog, such as Moyka, Amanda Tenfjord and Halie move forward in a distinctly icy electro-pop direction. Torine walks the pop, line steering her music sound in a path similar to that of Sigrid. What we can take away from this observation is, that when Norway does pop, they do it really well. “Cliché” is the new track Torine has chosen to share with us. A more quirky offering than her last effort, but nonetheless super, catchy and alluring.

A song reminding us not to take ourselves so seriously, sometimes. Embrace fun and adventure. Live in the moment whenever we can. I think these are all things which have become even more of a priority to put straight, once our respective, countries, cities and towns get back up on their feet, after being in social distancing measures.

It definitely helps that this track is sprinkled with a flirty, summery pop vibe. Has a snappy, finger-clicking rhythm and the instantly memorable “omg I’m such a cliché” refrain.

Owing to the unseasonably warm weather the UK has been experiencing for weeks, I keep having to remind myself that the ‘real’ summer is virtually around the corner. This song is helping to put my music focus back on track. In an ordinary world, in about a month from now, the festival season would have started. Crowd-pulling songs like “Cliché” are tailor-made for a carnival atmosphere. Somehow I think this, kind of occasion, is going to be in short supply this year. Looking at it this way. They can take away the festivals, but they can’t take away the music ever. The summer songs of 2020 look set to have a new level of importance. Best we don’t become too precious, about an onslaught of bright, and breezy anthems. Congrats Torine who has got a shoo-in first. Methinks “Cliché” will be buzzing around my head for days and months to come.

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