I have really been holding out hope lately of an under-the-radar punchy pop song crossing my path! And I’m quite sure that I found it in “City Lights” by Finnish indie-pop artist Niina.

This little ditty, is a fireball of energy and frenetic electronic pop melody. Bouncing basslines and pulsating beats. It gives so much in its 4 minute timeframe and is so pumped with dynamics that it’s huge chorus is something that all the way feels inevitable to happen. When the rousing moment does arrive, we are more than ready to go with the flow of energy and party hard. With each subsequent chorus after, party even harder!

City Lights” is Niina’s sophomore single release since she picked up with music again after the punk/rock band she was in, So Long Sisters called it day. In biding her time to jump back into the thick of all things music, she’s been savvy to develop quite a new-wave impacting sound, which certainly wins favour with me but more to the point it’s got massive crowd pleasing possibilities. Which means this track has time to percolate and rise on up to realise it’s true potential as the festival season kicks in.

I’ll be quite honest this track of Niina’s took me right back to the starry sounds of Sweden’s punkish pop up-starts The Sounds with a measure enough of DAGNY to give it a modern edge.

As a candidate for a killer chorus that might hog summer playlists “City Lights” is one to place your bets early on.