Blossoms (1)

Something that is quite the fascination with me, is when alternative rock bands blur the lines into electronic pop. This is something that I’m given to believe stems from American origins although, I’ve never quite fathomed why’s and where for’s of this scope of genre classification.

Biggest case in point, Bastille who I consider to be alternative pop, when I’ve gone my iTunes library I’ve seen them assigned as alternative rock. This is not in any way an isolated instance of this kind of re-categorization, but by far it’s most commonly relatable.

So when an actual alternative rock band purposely DO transit into the synth-pop genre I have to stop and ponder upon this puzzling conundrum.

Whilst, the genre classification system has me in a perplexed state of confusion, I am no way undecided about the synth-pop direction of “Charlemagne” from Manchester five-piece outfit Blossoms.

I don’t care if others beg to differ with me, my ears know what they hear and considered psyche-pop outfit Blossoms new one “Charlemagne” is coming at me as unbridled glistening synth-pop or what I’d consider to be indietronica at least.

Further to this, front-of-house Tom Ogden’s vocals are giving me all serious measure of The Verve’s Richard Ashcroft realness.

Am I tripping out a little in all this brit-pop nostalgia?…. well perhaps a little! But with good cause I think. If we can’t pin-down the definable genre-origins of “Charlemagne” let’s just have this one on the merit of its simmering super catchy appeal instead.