You know what – I for one always thought the best part of Professor Green’s video for “I Need You Tonight” was when Ed Drewett sang on it…and besides, he’s much cuter then The Professor anyways!  Combine that with him being the co-writer of The Wanted’s massive number one hit “All Time Low” and well, we have another mega hitmaker on our hands…

Take a listen to the Ed Drewett’s new track “Champagne Lemonade” which is burning up on YouTube right now and if you like what you hear, you can head on over to his website on www.eddrewett.co.uk to score yourself the Mojam remix of said track in exchange for your email address.

My verdict on “Champagne Lemonade”…loving the Frankmusik-esqe vibe and the general craziness of the production.  Quite frankly, I can see why the whole world is starting to fall for the charms of this new blond Essex boy.