I really don’t enjoy it when people keep bringing up the subject of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since It does seem like a distant memory now. However, the impact it had on our lives still lingers on. It’s no surprise music has continued to play a significant part in the healing process after such a difficult time. Still, every now and then, a new track appears that was written during the impact of Rona and subsequent periods of lockdown and enforced isolation. Furthermore, it’s pretty astounding, new artists like London-based music artist and producer Tiiva and singer-songwriter legend Polly Scattergood have emerged from this experience and continue to create sonically alluring, silken synth-pop offerings that are truly captivating and resonate with so many. Beyond this, it is wonderful, to witness how they continue to evolve and grow after such a challenging time.

Here’s some exciting news. During one of the periods of national lockdown, Tiiva worked remotely with Polly Scattergood, (a highly respected artist known for her unique and ethereal electronic-pop style.) Together, they collaborated on a track called “Cellophane,” which is released today. I had the chance to grab an early listen to it. And I must say, it is an absolutely exquisite masterpiece of dreamy electronic pop.

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“I wanted to write something that felt euphoric and exciting, mirroring a time when dancing felt like a memory. There’s an honest fragility in Polly’s writing that really resonates, and working together on this song has felt beautifully cathartic during a time when our horizons felt a lot smaller.” Tiiva

Amidst the pandemic, there was a period of considerable frustration and uncertainty due to the UK government’s push for creatives to “retrain.” “Cellophane” represents the struggles during that spell and the necessity for creative release.

The synergy between the vocals and production of “Cellophane” is just remarkable and undeniably suggests a promising future for the artist Tiiva. The yearning dream pop style of the song is just beautiful and allows the sweet and airy vocals of Polly Scattergood to transcend to the pearly gates of pop heaven with a blissful and elegant grace. It is a song that I can absolutely listen to repeatedly.

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