Remember Miss Frank from X Factor?  Well it seems we have our first taste of what they have been working on in the studio in way of new track “Caught Up”.  I am fairly sure this is a demo version as it does need a bit of obvious polishing and mastering, but so far it sounds like they might have something quite good in the works.  It’s kinda like The Saturdays meets the early days of The Sugababes.  

I quite liked Miss Frank and wish they would have went farther on X Factor then they did, but nevertheless, I’m happy to see that they have stuck with it and have been in the studio laying down some vocals.  They have a real raw talent about them and with some real mentoring and development, they could just be the next Misteeq, En Vogue or yes, The Sugababes.  It was nice to run into Graziella from Miss Frank at the MEN gig a few months too – how cool is she?

Listen to “Caught Up” over on YouTube now.

Hat tip to @sickpuppy21 for the heads up on this one.