When it comes to bright and buzzing pop songs, newcomer artist, Stephani B struck out with this week’s New Music Friday, boldest offering. The youngster’s latest track “Caught In The Middle” is a super catchy, slice of anthemic, electro-pop. A bona fide, stomper, which unlike most pop anthems, doesn’t hide away from what it really is, until it reaches the build-up to the chorus. Instead, Stephani is leaps ahead, clear with her intent, and jumps right in with the uplifting, driving electronic beats from the start.

Since she first cut an impression with me with her 2018, introductory release “Bedroom Friends” Stephani is making strides in the pop arena. It is true to say, as a multi-instrumentalist she throws everything into her music releases, from writing through to production and all that comes in between, she’s got all the angles covered. Her first release of the year, “Caught In The Middle” is a co-write by Stephani, alongside French producer Harry Maisonneuve. It certainly reveals some great, music-making chemistry between the collaborators. The song is lively and bubbly and really seems to suit Stephani’s newcomer aesthetic to a tee.

Stephani advises…
“Talking about your feelings, and having the confidence to share them with the people around you is so important!”

I cannot help, but to agree with her stand-point or her impression making style of pop mastery, when it is clearly targetted towards the younger audience. That being said, the infectiously, melodic “Caught In The Middle” is relatable to all life stages, as everyone at one time or another will be able to seek affinity with a song which cites what it feels like to be caught in-between two lovers. Written without any fancy tricks, the song delivers an earnest, message. Above all else, she is on the right path, with the vibe and groove. Without a doubt, she is a name to watch out for in 2020. Open your ears, and get ready to listen.

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