I’m pretty pleased to have come through the wintry season with a good selection of uplifting and ear-pleasing tracks to write about, guiding me through the shortened, chilly days. Nonetheless, I am glad spring has now sprung. The lighter days have a greater power to motivate, making us feel much brighter as well. The good thing is as seasons change the mood they evoke transforms too. Accordingly, these feelings are reflected in the styles of music we listen to. From now on, I fully expect more, rousing, uplifting anthems, earworms and bangers to creep into my submission pile. The track “Catching Feelings” by Mathew V can be counted as one of the first evocatively sun-soaked jams of 2019.

Actually, this track is quite a departure for the Toronto based singer-songwriter. And is a complete overhaul of the style, which steered his 2018 album “The Fifth.” The transformation is felt in Mathew’s voice, which is toned, smoothed out and soulful but noticeably more in the upbeat, dance-pop direction of the track. Stylistically it really is a groover, with a summer feel to will on some good weather.

“I really wanted this song to be something people could dance to. That really isn’t something I’d done before and it was super fun to explore that side of me. I want this to be a song people can listen to when they are thinking of their high school crush. Channelling nostalgia, fun, and playful energy” – Mathew V

Working with Multi-Platinum, Juno Award Winning Producer/Songwriter Ryan Stuart on the track. V has crafted a more mature electronic soul sound which suggests he has a desire to keep diversifying and pushing boundaries with each new work. The result of his first endeavour speaks for itself. It is silky, sublime. Keep pursuing your dream Mathew V, I am catching good feelings about this new music and direction in which it is developing and growing.

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