It is time to move on so soon from the rousing power pop of “This Hell.” Pop’s newest trendsetter Rina Sawayama has a new track out. “Catch Me In The Air” is the second song lifted from the upcoming album “Hold The Girl“. (Releasing 2nd September via Dirty Hit). Knowing what a pop chameleon she is. I wasn’t anticipating that the follow-up singles, direct or otherwise, would flow in the same musical vein as her banger “This Hell” does. The track “Catch Me In The Air” was written in collaboration with GRACEY, Oscar Scheller, Clarence Clarity and Stuart Price. With the latter two collaborators doubling up on production duties also. Ensuring the accent on pop remains strong.

The new track requires a different impact than “This Hell,” which was bold, hook-laden and punchy. “Catch Me In The Air” requires a delicate, more stripped-back melody and music composition that allows the lyrics to shine out prominently. Guitar and piano accompaniment assists with spotlighting the themes of celebrating Rina’s mother, who raised her as a single parent.

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Speaking at length via Instagram, she explains

“I wrote, “Catch Me In The Air” across 2020-2021, at a time when a lot of people around me were having children or thinking of having children.

It made me think of the pressures parents go through when raising a child. I put myself in my mum‘s shoes.” (An extract – read the statement in full HERE.)

The song begins with Rina singing from a parent’s perspective, swapping to a child’s viewpoint in the second verse.

The song concludes…
“Save each other in every way. Feel the fear as we float in the sea. Look at us now. Way past the clouds that haunted your dreams. I hope that you’re proud.”

The song was debuted. during the singer’s recent Dynasty Tour. At that moment, her fandom, the ‘pixels’ urged Sawayama to release the anthem straightaway – Rina listened.

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