Clyde Hill // Andria Lindquist 2016

It’s been some while since I was first alerted to NYC newcomer Lyon Hart via his promising soulful indebted debut effort “The Sign”, yet also at the time he was being picked up upon by a band of emerging producers like L.A.’s The Elephante and NYC’s Mickey Valen, both of whom are on-point in seeking out rising talent with whom to collaborate.

A new name in production enters the frame now in the Lyon Hart music journey, that of Washington housed Clyde Hill, an emerging producer who is stepping out with a flair for going in on buoyant, throbs of electronic dance pop, set ready for the clubland districts of Seattle’s nighttime landscape.

Two up-and-coming names join forces together to bring about “Cascade”, a veritable gleaming dance pop ditty of some instantly giving appeal. Scored with bliss bound euphoric beats and emotively executed upper-register vocals, it quite comes through with a fully-fledged flourish of popcentricity about it, which brings to mind the in-house styles proffered by the likes of RAC and Madeon.

Halcyon vibes and sonic fuelled pop hooks, “Cascade” is literally spilling over with an outpouring of hot jam grooviness. All of which definitely sounds to me as being on the right side of factor, feel good.