By Jordan Meehan

Well, well, well my lovely EQs! Its been a while since I've been able to post! Been all sorts of busy lately with school and work and all that lovely stuff. But I'm back! Back with lovely French electronica that you will absolutely not want to pass on! 

La Boétie first caught my attention with their first single Your Girl, a few months ago and I've loved them ever since. Their last single, Cardiogram, came out not too long ago and I've been meaning to rant and rave about my love for it for quite some time now (alas, being a full time student and working 25 hours a week has kept me rather busy!). Not only that, but the duo has also just released their new single Life Life, which is accompanied by a video that, put simply, is just a bunch of 90s looking pictures that fits strangely well with the song itself. 

The latest tracks from La Boétie is are an infectious pair and are an excellent follow up to their debut. Watch Life Life and give Cardiogram a listen: