American dance-pop artist Jessica Sutta is no stranger to the pages of EQ, infact she’s found herself to be achieved of multiple feature status. As such, and owing to the number of singles that Jessica now has associated with her own burgeoning solo career, it is that we consider the dance pop diva now fully established as an artist in her own right, with the lingering nods of her former Pussycat Doll past, a complete chapter closed.

As the arrival of debut album “Feline Resurrection” draws a release date of early 2015, Jessica brings to the table a new discotastic treat in “Candy,” which is to be featured on the highly anticipated long playing debut.

Fired up in club energy, the collaboration betwixt Jessica, co-writer Eddie Serrano and track producer S-X on album taster “Candy” exhibits a powering wave of 90’s focused rolling disco beats replete with a la-dee-dah-dee lyrical refrain, which quite strikes us as almost coming out of the Crystal Waters book of lyrics in how to make a chart topping house hit circa 1991.

In truth “Candy” cuts a sassier disco groovy pose on the current 90’s revitalised dance pop landscape and is quite at liberty to earn itself the term of a bone fide up and at em’ booty shaker.