For one hot minute we were left thinking to ourselves that with the change-over into fall season, dark and gothy electronic pop was firmly in the driving seat. Don’t be getting us wrong, we do love a good old jollop of new-wave, it quite as much lights our fire. Yet, even though the summer season has well and truly packed up and vacated to the other side of the hemisphere we still have an appetite for lighter tones of shimmery synthpop to ward off the winter chills too.

This cute number called “Calling” by the L.A. duo Néonhèart is a glowing example of such stridently giving, sweetly spiced synth arrangements that work in succinctly with the dreamiest of vocals embedded on top.

What we do like here, is that everything is resplendently precise and flowing.

Calling” is actually a change in direction for Néonhèart, who’s “Awakening” debut EP arrived last year making an appearance with somewhat headier sombre tones throughout. It’s the newly approached, dreamier synth-pop aesthetic that is putting the duo in the grasp of attention right now though, and we wholeheartedly say to HAOO and Christina of the band, keep it going!