You should not sleep on James TW. The UK singer-songwriter begins a new chapter in music today. He’s out with the track “Butterflies.” A lyrically raw and openly honest account about the break-up with his long-term sweetheart. Although this song is steeped in sad sentiments, it’s not all broody and gloomy. The track is amplified by a super-catchy melody and snappy musicality. It has movement and groove. You’ll find yourself singing along in no time at all.

James came to the music world’s attention when Shawn Mendes shared a YouTube clip of the crooner on his social media. The endorsement led to James inking a deal with Island Records and subsequently supporting Mendes on tour. After receiving rave reviews James Taylor-Watts has continued honing his craft through a break-up. Turning to music as a way of confronting a flurry of turbulent emotions.

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“The songs came flooding out. I wanted to capture all of the different emotions in the aftermath. It wasn’t a crazy, heated, and horrible breakup. It was slow, sad, and accepted by both of us. We even lived together through the Lockdown.” James shares.

It is never easy to call time on a relationship especially one which been years in the making. Nothing is so easy as closing a door and moving on because undoubtedly feelings will keep on springing up to the surface. Inevitably we have to address them. James being a singer means he can deal with the aftermath by writing songs like “Butterflies.” The new offering is a tender recollection of bittersweet feelings. “I’ve ghosted your number. I’ve slept on the other side. But no matter what I do. I still get these butterflies.” James sings.

James TW is exhibiting more vulnerability than ever. “Butterflies” is a very, real and intimate track that packs in deeply personal lyrics. The emotive songwriting bristles with a sense of melancholy, making for beautifully composed listening. Nonetheless, James is back with a cool, mellow sound. While, hitting a new and exciting peak moment in his career.

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