I have three good pieces of news to share. 1) There is no mid-week slump this week, folks. 2) We have Norway’s Sigrid to thank for brightening up our mood, sharing her new track “Burning Bridges” with the world. Prepare to be even more excited because, 3) she has also announced a string of tour dates, both UK/Ireland and EU legs, for 2022. As with the previous disco dazzling single “Mirror“, Sigrid links up songwriter Caroline Ailin and writer/producer Sly (Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, The Jonas Brothers) again on the new track. And continues in much the same vein. Treating us to a big helping of euphoric dance-pop.

Receiving its first play and billed as Hottest Record In The World on Radio “Future Sounds” with guest host Charli XCX. Sigrid shared, in, a chat with Charli. “Burning Bridges” is musically inspired by playing big festival stages. It was written a year ago, at a time when all I could think about was when am I going to get back on stage.” (Listen to the full interview HERE)

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In a statement she also shared,

“It’s inspired by one of the toughest things I’ve been through. It’s a song that’s about the point where you just have to say in a relationship, ‘you know what, let’s just finish this.’ That moment of enough is enough, and you need a clean break.” – Sigrid

We have had two tastes of the sophomore album, and while we await more details regarding the title and release date. What is abundantly now apparent, Sigrid is donning her disco boots. She is inviting us to join in with her while working through any problems, difficulties or worries we might have. Turning things around by having a good time and dancing. I feel sure there will be much of that in evidence when she performs on the main stage at Leeds and Reading festival this weekend.

Tickets for tour dates go on general sale 3rd September – UK and Ireland pre-sale with album purchase information HERE

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