The new Ella Vos single “Burning Bridges” is stunningly good, you know. She has such a pretty voice which asks me to beg the question, why haven’t I properly noticed her before? Actually, I cannot recall anyone popping one of Ella’s tracks into my inbox before. I am so glad “Burning Bridges” was nestling in my pile of submissions. It was sitting there looking quite unassuming and without the usual over lauded fanfares, which are generated to stir up some hype around a release. (The kind of false claims which have me muttering away to myself ‘I’ll be the judge of that.’)

The second track lifted off of Ella’s sophomore album “Turbulence” is dreamily sweet and gently soothing on the eardrums. Comes from a similar sonic place as that embraced by singer-songwriter, songstress Gabrielle Aplin. The two also share a style in which they both use personal lyrical moments as the inspiration for their work. It is these heartfelt and vulnerable lyrics which are significant in offering encouragement and an understanding source of guidance to others. In both Ella and Gabrielle’s opening up, we feel like they would be the kind of listening ears we would seek out in our times of distress and anguish. Ella sure has overcome a lot of struggles in her life, (Cancer diagnosis, experiences with postpartum depression) music is the tool she uses to help her work through these adversities and grow stronger.

“‘Burning Bridges’ is about setting healthy boundaries. I’ve always struggled with boundaries and have a hard time speaking up for what I want or need. I constantly try to make everyone else feel okay, even if I suffer,” Vos says. “When I became a mom, had postpartum depression, got diagnosed with lymphoma and went through a divorce, it was clear that if I was going to survive, I needed to make some changes. I learned that taking care of myself first was the best way I could take care of the people around me.”

I think with all this time, we’ve spent in, quarantine, isolation etc., many of us will have had more time alone with our thoughts and to process feelings we’ve perhaps been putting off from addressing during the normality of our hectic lives. I feel by listening to “Burning Bridges,” the track gives some encouragement to take a closer look at our actions and be kinder to ourselves and others. The breezy melody evokes that all will turn out and be good, eventually.

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