We haven’t so much as gone into seeking out what is new and up-and-coming from emerging production outfits in a while, as I guess it takes a lot more for me to get the same feels off of a production unit than the instant emotive connection in which a singer is able to cast a spellbinding hold over us with such a powerful grasp.

Today I think it only right to shine a light on North London production duo Tender though, by way of their killer indie-electronic track “Burden”.

Lifted off the duo’s second EP effort and titled as “EP II” as such, Dan and James modeled as the master-brains behind the Tender moniker have seen a rapid gain of interest for their darkly sonic leaning compositions. More than just concentrating wholly on the production though, they provide their own vocals, which kind of makes them more of an electronic duo above anything else really.

Totally since coming into existence, these two have shown a great understanding of the production arena of which they’ve entered into. They stick to the guns and create out of clear vision and are quick to improve upon what goes into making their sonic steeped material, so fascinatingly alluring.

What can be noted as Tender’s mainstay of signature branding, comes from a strong association to R’n’B origins. It’s not so much that Tender are jumping in on the trend, it’s completely more that they are rapidly rising to be among the top flight concerns of it.

Tender’s debut EP of last year “Armour” passed by far as impressive effort, yet with “EP IITender, already continue to surpass all expectations assumed from the former track collection.

It continues thus, that each track reveal is a notch more seductive and potent than their last. A particular favourite out of the current EP and a good place to become acquainted with the duo is unequivocally the exquisitely sonic shaded tones of “Burden”.

With “Burden,Tender really have come to the fore, to my mind, in stepping up their game and creating something so nocturnally groovy and convincingly commanding out of the confines of a bedroom studio.

Evidently Tender are duo with ideas in the tank and plenty of them at that, what they are coming through with now at present is amounting to something quite soul stirringly special and predict there won’t be any let up it in it either.

Too early call year end predictions, but if Tender continue apace as they are currently seeing to doing, their name should be a certain in cropping up on reputable tastemakers hit-lists.