Another single from Kim Petras has dropped, “brrr,” yet she is continuing to hint there’s much more to come from her this year. So, hopefully, this means the much-anticipated album. Kim has notably come a long way since she launched her early bubblegum-pop-flavoured efforts. The last few song releases, in particular, highlight her musical diversity as an artist. Her vocally commanding part in the mesmeric mega-hit “Unholy” with Sam Smith and return to head-spinning pop on “If Jesus Was A Rockstar.” Now to the icy banger “brrr,” where she switches the gears once more. Kim Petras serving an industrial electric banger was not on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are. I wonder, how long she dined on Depeche Mode classics before recording this electro-hot bad boy?

Don’t get me wrong, I especially loved her frothy 80s-styled efforts, such as “Malibu,” the best. However, her greatest evolutionary step forward came because of “Slut Pop.” She has not looked back since. The influence of the 2022 EP is undoubted, evidenced in “brrr“. Namely, the synths got bolder, and her vocal abilities got the chance to shrug off the cute bubblegum pop tag once and for all.

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brrr,” is described in the press release as a song written about,

“knowing what you want and finding someone who isn’t intimidated by you, that will come closer and show you how cool they are.”

Kim Petras is quite the dichotomy. In a lyric sense, she moreover appeals to the youthful crowd. Whereas when considering her vocal abilities. This is where the public appreciation of her broadens further. In recent releases, she frankly upped the game vocally. Therefore, we should not be shocked by whatever comes next from her. Since clearly, she is on a mission to slay. And with recognition coming in thick and fast. An upcoming performance of “Unholy” with Sam Smith at the BRIT Awards as a headliner also at Sydney WorldPride in Australia. She is already on course for a momentous 2023. 

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