We all know Icona Pop best for giving us an acerbic boost of their self-fashioned pouty, shouty electronic pop anthems. Yet in the wake of landing their debut album “This Is…Icona Pop”, the girls have headed more towards an experimental phase which has proved as interestingly colourful as it has at times felt unsettled.

Whilst Aino and Caroline have wisely taken it upon themselves to reach beyond the trappings of their mega-hit. It does however, feel that they’ve been clawing at straws to retain some of the level of visibility that their multi-platinum chart topper brought them.

Icona Pop may have just pulled a new ace from up their sleeves though, with latest single “Brightside”. With this song, we are hearing a new approach from the ladies which is by far packed with a subtler shimmering melody carrying it. Of those signature ballsy vocals well, they’ve undergone a polarized exchange with a candied glow upon them.

Thankfully, all isn’t totally changed-up to the extent that the Icona Pop identity as we have known it has been completely eradicated. The lyrical heart, filled with cheeky attitude still beats on with empowering throbs. Extending a wry smile and a flexed middle finger to the world still remains the fire behind the Icona pop music make-up. Hurrah, the world breathes a sigh of relief!