It is at this time of year, we likeliest get to hear, like a million cover versions of familiar Christmas tracks. My personal preference at Christmas time when artists are releasing covers and reworks of classic songs is that they are at the least, oozing with a splash of originality. And I know I say this every year, but there really is more to the festive music season than, sharing newly tweaked renditions of “Last Christmas” by Wham! Also, a cover doesn’t have to be specifically a Christmas song to ignite the Christmas spirit in me. The style in which these songs are made counts more when evoking these festive feelings. Caroline Polachek has shared a very, good example with her magical interpretation of The Corrs 2000 hit “Breathless.”

Why choose “Breathless“…? Caroline has been including the track in her live sets and fans have been urging the singer to release it for months. Caroline not only listened she brought onboard PC, mastermind Danny L Harle in the role of producer. The stunning reimagining is set to appear as a bonus track on the “Standing At The Gate: Remix Collection” which is slated to arrive spring 2021.

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On the song, her voice is beautifully haunting. Exquisite, graceful. Angelic. It is a vocal which rouses and stirs the soul to a really uplifting place. Also if however, you are not already familiar with the original from The Corrs. Caroline’s magnificent cover could easily be mistaken for one of the singer’s own compositions. A cover song which is a particularly refined offering that’s brimming with quality. I love this stripped back version from Caroline, where feelings of poignancy and delight in equal measure, penetrate right to your core. I conclude, these are emotions which pretty much sum up the special, feelings we experience at Christmas time. Therefore, going forward I’m suggesting this magical reimagining gets added to future festive playlists for years to come.

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