The clue is in the name of London based singer/songwriter Duchess. She’s making her mark on the pop landscape with original pop songs which celebrate/promote female empowerment and positivity. The newest release “Breakup SEX” is understandably her most spicy, offering yet. It is a provocative subject to explore, musically for sure. I also wholeheartedly approve she’s approached this important narrative with a strong electro aesthetic. In my opinion, it just makes the edgy lyricism even more electrifying.

“I felt like this was the perfect single to announce my debut EP, (“Bad Girl“) as this song best represents the artist that I am becoming. The EP will explore sexuality, dominance, vulnerability, power, and everything that makes you BAD – in the best way, of course!” – Duchess.

For one who is of the feline persuasion. Duchess, who appears in a playful mood, turns on the right amounts of sultry and sexy, charm
in the way, she purrs her vocals. Damn, she’s, a firecracker, who hasn’t quite put out the fire in heart, even though the relationship she’s been in, has reached the point of no return. The spark. The chemical attraction hasn’t deflated in the slightest. Physical attraction in the case of this twosome is a lusty law unto itself.

Lyrically, Duchess pulls much from her relationship experiences and ‘Breakup SEX’ is no exception. As she explains:

“It’s based on a previous experience of mine where the foundations of our whole relationship revolved around the sexual chemistry and nothing else. The narrative of wanting to leave someone but being sucked back into this immense sexual chemistry is something we all have or know someone who has experienced this in life.”

This Duchess is nothing but daring. Unashamedly honest in her songwriting as well. To be honest, I rather like her incendiary tendencies. She might be an artist that I’ll want to keep a very close ear on.

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