In all real event of probability American Princess of pop Ariana Grande looks set to claim her first UK chart topper assisted by Iggy Azalea on current single “Problem” this coming weekend. Yet as much as the hype that is sourced around the pop starlet, Ariana has certainly shown recently that she has grown into her own skin metaphorically speaking of her maturing style of music.

It has taken a while for my interest in Ariana to kick in, since the initial Mariah Carey like delivered offerings, were not to my own personal taste although, not in anyway could I put into dispute the fact, that Ariana’s vocals are big and impressively so either, they just didn’t roll out in a style that I particularly liked, so much.

It’s never an easy thing to grow up within the scrutiny of the media spotlight but Ariana seems comfortable here and it appears to be reflective in the latest choice of releases.

As the news breaks surrounding the upcoming release of sophomore album “My Everything” the pocket sized performer with the powerhouse vocals counts down by revealing the Zedd produced / Max Martin co-produced track “Break Free”.

The results are particularly becoming of Ariana’s top tiered vocal range set against Zedd’s crisp layers of pulsing EDM production. Whilst, the tone is set at pop more than ever and actually seems a completely natural shift for singing sensation Ariana to tap into. Afterall, similar patterns of change have been beneficial for Christina Aguilera and enabled the longevity of her career in music, quite feel that the move might be right for Ariana to follow suit a little.

Break Free” is indeed, a fizzing dance pop banger in every sense of the word and is deserving of hugeness of praise to be heaped upon it.

The track is instantly available when placing a pre-order for the new album “My Everything