by Raj Rudolph

My favorite band in the universe right now is doing everything they can to keep my excitement levels brewing.  Aside from impressing the socks off of everyone in Cannes recently from the likes of Kylie and Zac Efron, the band has just released a few new tunes today which will be featured on their debut album "9am to 5pm, 5pm To Whenever" which are below.

You can bet too that Team EQ will be at their show in Paris this month on June 22nd.  We plan on invading their dressing room and getting them to sign any and every piece of merch available – that's how much we love The Young Professionals here at EQ.

So sit back and take in the audio sensory joy that can only be made by The Young Professionals and enjoy these new tunes and their little invite to the Paris show this month at La Gaite Lyrique…