EQ Readers might require a refresher about the emerging pop singer-songwriter Maryon King. In brief. She was first covered on the blog last year when releasing the empowering track “Flatline.” Consequently staking her claim as one to watch. At the time I also spoke a little about Maryon’s career highlights to date. These being; appearing as a co-writer and vocaliser on songs for Afrojack, Martin Jensen and Tiesto. Maryon has got form. She is, without doubt, a pop artist on the ascent. Her catchy track “Boys Will Be Boys” is where she is hoping to disrupt the new music scene in a good way with her musical prowess.

The curious bit is when considering the A-list collaborations mentioned above. She appears to be self-releasing her song “Boys Will Be Boys“.

Where she comments…

“It’s about the fickle nature of modern relationships – or ‘situationships’ – where the person you thought cared about you only wants you for your body,” Maryon elaborates.

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Owing to its insanely catchy melody and memorable refrain of,
“Boys will be boys, will be boys, will be boys. I’ll turn you into toys and play with your emotions. Boys will be boys, will be boys, will be boys. I’ll turn you into toys, and leave you when you’re broken.”

The track will appeal to everyone, looking for a late summer anthem where the lyrics are sing-along fun.

Interestingly, this song wasn’t intended as her first single or debut EP introduction. Maryon’s mind changed to release “Boys Will Be Boys” after a TikTok snippet received an overwhelming response. In light of this achievement, she then quickly finished up recording the song. Expediting the release at the earliest opportunity in order to satisfy the surge of interest shown in the song.

There is more to this song than a quintessential summer tune with a dance beat. The track “Boys Will Be Boys” is Maryon King properly hitting her stride.

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